We’re at the beginning of the annual riot of clematis on the back porch. There’s a literal sea of buds and flowers twisting along and throughout the railing. I’ve been shooting them up close for a few days (well, years, actually).

Today, I was going through some of the images I shot over the weekend, and I kept wishing I had gotten this angle or that one, or a different composition. When I got home tonight, the skies were threatening rain, but there was still a shaft of sunlight coming through the clouds, so I got the camera and the macro lens out and waited for the sun to hit this one flower.

There were a bunch of shots I liked from tonight’s session, but the best ones were when the sun came through, and I’ve posted both of my faves here. I can’t really decide which one of these two I prefer. The first one has a good use of negative space, but the second one, while slightly more busy, I think has a better feel, especially in the crispness of the primary flower. Thoughts?