over the seawall


We had a lovely time in Hawaii. We spent the weekend in Honolulu, where Susan had a race, and then a week in Maui, mostly relaxing. I didn’t shoot as much as I would have liked, but I did get a few shots here and there that I liked.

This couple was having a blast, waiting for the waves to break over the seawall, then bracing themselves as they crashed overhead.

where is this?

cane field, near wailuku


I didn’t get a lot of great shots in Maui this year. It wasn’t for lack of trying, but when I go over my library, I have some great snapshots, but little else. Lee and I did have a lot of fun with our daily Instagrams, and I think that was really my photographic focus when we were there.

This one, taken on one of our last days on the island, was a ‘quick, turn off the road’ shot. What you can’t easily tell is how windy it was — I squeezed off about 20 shots, but I was so buffeted by the wind that, even with a fast shutter speed, I ended up with few usable images. Had it been a little bit calmer, I would have moved around more, gotten the tripod out, and been more careful about composing.

As such, this photo gets the ‘revisit‘ tag…

where is this?