I’ve been carrying the RX1 around with me everywhere; it’s such a delightful camera to put in my pocket, and I’m always looking for an excuse to shoot with it. Tonight, around twilight, Liz and I were waiting in line for one of the many Portland International Film Festival movies we’ll be seeing over the next few weeks. While we were there, a murder[1. Yes, that’s what they’re called. Poetic, I think.] of crows numbering in the hundreds swooped and cried around downtown. I loved the juxtaposition of the crows flying with the piano-style look of the museum’s building, and the light was just magnificent: moody, blue and mottled.

And the movie? Ginger and Rosa, from Great Britain. Good. Not great, but it was better than most, and Elle Fanning was very good.[2. Our favorite so far has been A Simple Life, a profoundly beautiful and touching film from China. Well worth watching, if you can find it. There was a write-up of it worth reading in The New York Times last year.] We’ve got two weeks to go — I’ll keep bringing my camera, just in case.

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