sunrise, alvord desert


Six posts here in all of 2014. Maybe a bit shameful, but I was clearly preoccupied with many things, including the wholesale building of a new life.

I’ll have more to say this year for sure, but to kick off 2015, here is a shot from October’s “Great Alford Desert Adventure,” which was one of my favorite trips of last year. (Which, given last year’s travels, is saying something.)

It was 30° when I took this shot, but I really didn’t notice.

More later. I promise.

[where is this?]

2 thoughts on “sunrise, alvord desert”

  1. Oh, a beautiful desert landscape which tells me I don’t know enough about Oregon. I particularly like how the colors of the sky are perfectly mirrored on both sides of the hill. I’m glad you’re planning to get back to the blog. 🙂


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