Went to an amazing restaurant in New York this week, called The Cannibal. I’m on a variant of the Paleo diet right now, and this place was right up my alley. Liz and I found it on Yelp, of all places, and it was three blocks from where we were standing at the time.

It was a great combination of house-made sausages, the chef’s own prosciutto, wonderful veggie plates and more. Liz got to sample the huge array of European-style beers, while I just drank in the atmosphere. Finding a place like this is one of the reasons I love coming to NY with my daughter — we always seem to luck out like this at least one night during our stays.

This was a pretty straightforward iPhone shot of the entryway into the restaurant. The beer fridges are on the right and the left, and the bar is straight ahead. I processed is lightly in Perfect Effects 8’s Dynamic Contrast filter.

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