We’re at the beginning of the annual riot of clematis on the back porch. There’s a literal sea of buds and flowers twisting along and throughout the railing. I’ve been shooting them up close for a few days (well, years, actually).

Today, I was going through some of the images I shot over the weekend, and I kept wishing I had gotten this angle or that one, or a different composition. When I got home tonight, the skies were threatening rain, but there was still a shaft of sunlight coming through the clouds, so I got the camera and the macro lens out and waited for the sun to hit this one flower.

There were a bunch of shots I liked from tonight’s session, but the best ones were when the sun came through, and I’ve posted both of my faves here. I can’t really decide which one of these two I prefer. The first one has a good use of negative space, but the second one, while slightly more busy, I think has a better feel, especially in the crispness of the primary flower. Thoughts?





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  1. Nice, Rick. I think #1, slightly. Maybe because the background is a tad darker, and causes the primary flower to stand out more?

  2. I like them both but the second one is my favorite, mainly on account of the composition. I like having the subject higher in the frame and I think seeing more of the third bloom (out of frame in the first image) makes the image flow better.

    I’m envious, btw, our clematis plants are never so prolific as yours seem to be.

    • Julie,

      Lee planted the clematis bush at the base of our porch about 8 or 9 years ago, and it has grown magnificently over time. It really is like a carpet in the spring.

      Unfortunately, our porch needs to be torn down and replaced, and the clematis vine is too intertwined with the porch and railing that it most likely won’t make the transition. The good news is that we thought last year would have been the final year for the clematis, but it got a reprieve, and we’re both enjoying it.


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