point of view {2}


Sunset out at the Women’s Forum overlook out in the Gorge. It was about 30°, although thankfully there was no wind. (Same place as this photo, a few months back.)

Shot with the Sony RX1, a camera with which I continue to be amazed. Its compact form, gorgeous lens, and overall usability make it a great camera to walk around with. I sold an old late ’40s classic camera to get this, and I haven’t had any regrets at all about it — the RX1 goes with me everywhere right now, and it’s a joy to use. (Duncan has been working on a review; stay tuned.)

And yes, these things are everywhere…

3 thoughts on “point of view {2}”

  1. Beautiful and cool to see another take on this view. I love the contrast between the sharp detail of the foreground and the soft, dreamy landscape beyond. You and your RX1 are obviously a very good match. 😉

  2. Outstanding! It’s like you hand-picked the limited palette and placed spec highlights of peach in all the right places.

    I also like the 866-LOOKFAR detail.

    • It’s funny; I had packed up the tripod and was getting ready to go, when I looked out one last time. The light was so beautiful on the telescope, and I got 3 shots before it disappeared.


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