self-portrait (#wwpw)


This weekend, I went on one of the Portland locations of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk, over in the Eastside industrial area. I met a bunch of great folks (here’s the group shot, before we all headed out from OMSI), but the weather was odd, and I had a hard time finding my bearings. (I’m also shooting with the D800 exclusively right now, since I really need to know if this will be my camera for the next few years, and it’s taking a while to get used to the controls and operational stuff.)

I shot quite a bit of garbage, and had pretty much resigned myself to emptying my card when I got home, when I happened upon this interesting section of a block. I took a couple shots of the tree, window and potted bamboo, and, while I liked them, there was something missing:


Thinking about it for a minute, I decided to pop myself into the frame. I took a couple of shots, and ended up with the one up top. I cropped it a bit here (the uncropped version is below), but I do like the end result, even if I’m not a fan of my own face.


(This is a great place to shoot, however. Two of my favorite images, Railbed, Morrison Bridge, and Water Avenue Coffee, were both shot in this neighborhood.)

4 thoughts on “self-portrait (#wwpw)”

  1. Nice one, especially with you flat against the wall. It puts you in the same plane as those other design elements on the wall. Great balance and lots of places for the eye to travel around while ultimately returning to the figure.

    It’s those people who are big fans of their face that you gotta watch out for.

  2. I really love this, and even more, all the rectangles in the earlier image. It needed you there, though, but I hate losing the lines and rectangles on the walkway. This is why I prefer painting, I can put in anything I want, wherever I want it.

    Nice work,



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