pendleton overlook


When Liza and I got back into Oregon, after five days on the road, we decided to push on a bit further than we had done on any other day, ending up driving nearly 800 miles.

That last, 80-mile push turned out to be the best decision we made on the whole trip, because we happened upon the most beautiful sunset we had seen over the entire 3,000-mile journey, and a wonderful “welcome home” from Oregon to Liza. It was the only time during the entire trip that I pulled out the tripod and shot with the 5DMkII (although I did take a few pictures “on the go” with it).

2 thoughts on “pendleton overlook”

  1. Gorgeous. There is something about the texture and color of the clouds that seems to mirror the topography of the terrain below and it makes it even more soothing to look at.


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